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Count down …

After six months of radio-/blog silence – here comes our update of events and current status. To get some energy during Christmas – New Year, we went to Singapore and South West Australia and had some great time driving along the coast with a camping van. Getting back to a wet and mild Swedish winter, we came to realize that the scope of needed boat upgrades was bigger than expected, mostly because we want to sort out a number of known defects/improvements before we leave. Summary of upgrades besides the initial (huge) work related to osmosis treatment:

  • New main engine – sadly our trusted VP was beyond reasonable overhaul so we decided to invest in a new Yanmar 160hp main engine including new prop shaft and cutlass bearings. As we had to replace the propeller shaft we also mounted a Ropecutter, which has a reputation of good performance and low maintenance.
  • Our 1987 Furuno Radar has been replaced by a 4kw Raymarine Radome and a 12 inch Plotter mounted at the nav station.
  • The original windlass has been replaced with a Lewmar 2kw V4 anchor winch.
  • Frigoboat Fridge and Freezer replaced with Isotherm systems with through hull cooling.
  • As we had the rudder dismounted we have replaced the lower and upper bearings.
  • A Targa beam including davits for dingy, engine crane, enough space for 300W solar panels, wind gen and antennas.
  • Mast mounted Wi-Fi Antenna.
  • In addition a number of smaller but important stuff including new through hull fittings.

Current, early April, status is to finalize epoxy painting (in all, four layers), copper coating (epoxy/copper based antifouling), and a raised water line painting.

During this extensive overhaul we have both left work which is a big life changing decision. I (Peter) have now worked 5 weeks at the boatyard and really enjoyed taking part in all activities regarding Tina Princess improvements. I have never worked so hard physically in my life but have also felt very pleased with the opportunity to learn a number of new practical skills. A lot of credit goes to a very professional team at Långedragsteknik Boat Yard in Gothenburg.

Eva has been busy since leaving her job end of March in planning for our sailing and also prepare for her first exhibition of silver and copper jewelry. Sunday 13th April 12 a.m. she has a stand at Varmbadhuset, Saltholmen, Gothenburg and is very excited about response and turn up of visitors.

Our very preliminary planning is to launch Tina Princess after Eastern holidays and have a very casual fare well event at GKSS (Långedrag Marina) Sunday 11th May.

More to follow – meanwhile we use these famous Mark Twain words to keep our energy levels up;

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream”


Autumn delights

Skagen landmark - Pakhuset, restaurant at the harbour front

Utkäften, sheltered anchorage S Marstrand


Skagen landmark – restaurant Pakhuset, SKagen harbour


My wife always wants more and larger fenders – this seems to be the ultimate vision

We are about to become landlubbers moving into a temporary apartment, disbanding our liveaboard lifestyle we have enjoyed since 1996. Reason being a needed osmosis treatment requiring Tina Princess to be moved in to a shed, drying out the hull and add protective layers of epoxy layers. This means every weekend has been precious so we can survive the winter months without sailing,
thinking about past weekends that have been very nice with perfect sailing conditions and unseasonal warm weather. The last couple of weeks we have been to Denmark twice (Läsö and Skagen) and in between a weekend spent in quiet anchorages in the Gothenburg area. We are likely taking a time out for 6 months updating this blog – as this is a liveaboard blog, and hopefully return to a new season in April.  Until then, happy sailing  and welcome back next year!

22 Things Happy People Do Differently

22 Things Happy People Do Differently.

 Great advice about what really matters in how to live your life.


Safety at sea

Today was a day well spent. Öckerö Maritime Center held a full day training course about safety at sea. The agenda included trying out different survival suits, boarding a life raft, trying out handheld flares, emergency flares and so on. Good timing with water temp around 20C! A very well invested day arranged by JRSK and we all had a lot of fun.


Surfing buddies


Brännö Brygga

Non Swedish / Gothenburg readers – suggest you move on to next post. Last weekend was the last dance entertainment on Brännö Brygga – to a large degree a tribute to Lasse Dahlquist. To get in the right mood – a half century after his glory days – Spotify is a great tool. After an hour of digging fantastic lyrics like “Cream cake Charlie”, your have to get to the dance floor :-)


Hairdresser @ sea

One of our all year round neighbours is a hairdresser. Three years ago my wife was convinced by her to skip the regular appointments with a hair dresser. Since then, the boat once in a while smells chlorine and this kind of appearance turns up from shower room.


Hairdresser @ sea

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Great sail

Anchorage outside Maasholm, N Germany

Anchorage outside Maasholm, N Germany





Back after 3 weeks laid back sailing. Most nights spent at beautiful anchorages around Fyn, south Denmark.


Hard to spot – but one morning the rigging was full of spider webs


Tina – co owner of our previous boat S/Y Esperanza


9pm very evening during summer flag lowering ceremony together with trumpet music – Amazing grace and Danish national anthem always included


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