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And now it can only get better

January 20, 2013

Greetings dear blog followers. By now we safely passed the midwinter date (21 Dec)
and we can now enjoy 1 full hour of additional daylight. Pics require a bit of
comments, 1st shows a batch of Lussebullar (relates to St Lucia celebration
Dec 12th). Rest of Pics comes from Köpstadsö (aka Kössö).

The lady in the water is actually a navigational marks –  thought for a while to devote
a post to “naughtical marks”.

Lusse Bullar

Lusse Bullar

Moored at Brännö

Moored at Brännö


Beware rooster


Defroster needed?


Naughty navigation aid?


From → Sailing Notes

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