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April 30, 2013

Walpurgis can be everything from sunny spells to freezing, windy days.
This year, no surprise, meant the latter. This house at Björkö used fishing
floats to pimp their garden. At distance you might think there is a kid party
with balloons everywhere.


Arrived at Läsö – after a wonderful sail, and our favourite spot was free.
Just a few brave sailors around.


One of the wild cats greeted us upon arrival.


These cats are nostalgically called “Ship cats” with the six toes claimed to
be the proof. Sadly, the six toes is a very common sign of in breeding.

You might think this small island with ~ 1900 souls, hopelessly left behind urban
development and hope for a bright future. No worry – they actually now got a Läsö
University, most students look a bit old though.


Arrived safely in Skagen, northernmost tip of Denmark. 5 sailboats in the marina due
to to windy conditions. But as always, this a nice treat with lots of restaurants,historic
places and a feel of continental lifestyle.

THE place to visit is Slagter Munch (Butcher founded 1905). Here the ritual states,
one “Postej” (Liver paté), a nice lamb steak and maybe a nice bottle of wine to go with it.

A day walk in Skagen requires some food. Vise Värdshuset, at the main shopping
road offers a Danish speciality, pan fried sole, herrings, both on rye bread smaller
than you can imagine, accompanied with Ålborg “Red” (Aquavit) and beer.
Really necessary after all exhaustive walking.


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