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Worth waiting for

May 1, 2014


Finally, last Tuesday we managed to get TP into the water. Delay was due to the Copper coat antifouling (epoxy based) had to harden enough to allow crane lifting without damaging the paint, i.e. 7 days.
Monday we got the Targa beam mounted – great design work by Eva! Wednesday we finally got the mast in place and here we are, anchored, testing the new anchor winch at Brännö AND using our 1948 Viking stove for the first time since Oct 2013.

Meanwhile we have ordered 500W mono crystalline solar panels, 300W on the targa beam and 200W on top of the pilot house. This should be sufficient to cope with fridge, freezer, autopilot and nav / laptop  system use x 24h – we hope.

Finally – we hope some sailing friends and others will come and say hello / farewell next Sunday 11th May. Our plan is to cast off at 15.00, until then, come along; we hope to be able to moor at the service dock, GKSS, Långedrag all day.

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  1. Jonas Svensson permalink

    Good news, will try to be there and wawe you of,


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