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Glad Midsommar – Happy Midsummer

June 20, 2014

We have now arrived, as it feels, in more “summer like” latitudes. We are in Camaret Sur Mer – a beautiful Breton town close to the most westerly point of France. Before that we stayed at Alderney (Braye Harbour) and Guernsey (Petit Port anchorage). Weather now really nice, 25C air but still 15C in water. Being brave scandinavians, we had to make a few, short dips in the sea, to show off.
Biggest challenge at the moment is to make ourselves understood. Bonjour is  a phrase covering 99% of the needs, even when running you feel obliged to make some noise and smile to all those polite and friendly french people you meet everywhere. 
Taking this picture, we spent 10 minutes exploring the self timer of our camera to make a nice selfie. When a couple of French guys came to our rescue I tried to stretch my french beyond any limits. Amazing what sign language and a smile can do. Vive la France – 2100 CET we will be watching the World Cup game against Switzerland.


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  1. François permalink

    Welcome in Britany , do not forget to eat in a “créperie ” ( pancake), drinking cider , this is really local food….
    Plenty of nice place to visit with a sailing boat in Britany !
    François , from “adagio ” in GKSS !


    • Hello François !

      Yesterday we had the best Moule so far – Breton style, with Cider, fantastic! Yet to try the Creperie, maybe tomorrow.
      We have plenty of time to spend in Brittany, maybe tomorrow we head up to your ex home Port, Concarneau. Any secret, nice advice re Anchorage in this area is greatly appreciated.


      Peter & Eva


      • François permalink

        Bonsoir !
        Concarneau is the place of my ship yard , JFA . On the way don’ miss Les Glénans archipelago , moorings on buoy , good place to eat an hummer ( homard in french )
        . Benodet is a very nice river , ( buoy or pontoon , expansive ,something like Marstrand. Strong tidal stream ) .
        After that , is weather permiting , you can stop at Port Manech , and with the help of the tidal sail up with your tender to Pont Aven, famous place for painters. You can enter the river with tina princess 3 hours before HW , not before !! But it will be hard to find a free buoy in the river . You have to stop at rosbras due to shallow water . Same in Belon river , perhaps more easier to get a buoy . Stop at port de belon , famous place for oysters! ( chez Jacky restaurant is owned by a famous french sailor )
        port Tudy in Ile de Groix , is a good harbour , island is nice . (Pontoon and buoy in outer harbour )
        After that , visit Le Palais , at Belle Ile . Be careful with the ferry…can be ovecrowed after july 14 th, our national day .
        A must after that , is Golfe du Morbihan . Plenty of place to visit , huge tidal stream in the entrance, if you use it well you sail fast ! Buoy or anchor , be careful with sand bank . To be grounded on it waiting for the water is very common ! ( ile des Moines is a lovely island )
        In the area La trinité is La Meca of sail competitor.. pontoon , tidal stream , huge marina.
        2 very nice island , Houat and Hoedic , mooring in front of the beach .
        We will later speak about more southern Harbour …
        Have a look on tidal table and sail in the river , that s the normal way to Cruise there . And every where you will eat oysters , hummer ( all the year round ) and crêpes !


  2. Thanks for your advices re harbours/anchorages!
    Hope you and your wife get some Nice sailing too.



  3. Håkan permalink

    Glad midsommar så här i efterskott. Vi firade på Bequia.
    Camaret Sur Mer var vår sista hamn i Frankrike innan vi korsade Biscaya till La Coruna.
    Ni ser lite bleka ut fortfarande, det var vi också komna så långt.


    • Hej

      Måste vara något med kameran – själva tycker vi att vi är såå bruna :-).
      Vi har trivts så bra i Bretagne så vi seglade vidare sv ett tag till, men i morgon går vi över Biscaya oklart var vi hamnar.

      Peter & Eva


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