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Hola! – Greetings from Spain

June 30, 2014

One of the large beaches if Gijon

We have now successfully completed our first Bay of Biscay crossing. As we have not sailed in these waters before, we learnt that swell (sw Dyning) affects the wellbeing of sailors more than wind speed. Luckily, we had 48 hours of ideal wind direction WNW F4-6 and max swell at 1.9m. Still it took some time to adapt.  We are now at the center of the Galician town Gijón, arrived 4.30 this morning.  As we are a bit tired, we devoted today to rest, laundry, wash the boat of lot of salt, and have a quick stroll through town. And try some cured Serrano ham!



The Griffin Bagpipe man


Before this Spanish town, after Camaret s.m. we enjoyed the holiday resort town of Benodet, thanks to Francois! A really nice place with romantic restaurants alongside river Odet.  Highlights from an eating point of view are the Bretagne Crêpes.. Oyster fanatics have a good time here as well, Belon river (giving name to the Belon oyster) is right around corner. At Benodet, we also had a wonderful evening with four English gents, covering the essential skills needed in a sail boat; Bagpipe,Guitar, Story telling and a nose for fine Wine (owner having a Wine trading company in UK). Hope you read this you brave sailors on Griffin! For bagpipe connoisseurs we suggest this link.

After  Benodet, we followed another of  Francois advises, Port Tudy, Isle Groix. A lovely, a bit more rustic experience, introducing us to buoy moorings fore and aft, with 3 boats sharing the mooring. We plan to spend next 4-5 days in different Spanish Rias, after that we will be joined by family members somewhere in the Á Coruna region, at the nw tip of Spain.


Peter & Eva

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  1. David Courtenay-Clack permalink

    Great to meet you in Benodet— what fun it was. Very well done on the Biscay crossing and enjoy northern Spain. Look out fot Godehello in Galicia. Aromatic fresh white wine and perfect with the local food and generally less expensive than Albarhino.
    Have fun!
    Fair winds,


    • Thanks David, agree we had a great evening in Benodet, though it took a while until we where able to fully recover from all the fun the day after. Hopefully later tonight we’ll be able to link the fantastic clip of your bagpipe expert to the post!
      All the best and fair winds!

      Peter, Eva & Tina Princess


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