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Slow pace – exploring the Rias

July 22, 2014

We have now been on our own for a week spent at different sheltered anchorages in Ria Muros and Ria Aurosa. These places have very few, non Spanish, tourists, except for a handful sailors. Alas, everything feels very genuine, a bit challenging though when it comes to language, but we have never experienced any negative feelings towards us. At Muros, we probably anchored in the middle of the retired fishermens habitat, no worries, friendly smiling faces everywhere. Weather is slowly becoming what is to be expected in Spain, 25-30 C in air. Sea temp still below 20C.
We are not more than 35nm (5h sail)  from the Portuguese border but we will try to spend at least one month more in these fantastic waters. We also want to fix some electrical stuff in Vigo which seems to be well equipped for yacht services and spare parts.

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