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Mountain spring water

November 23, 2014

Many of our boat neighbors but also local Spanish people regularly drive up the mountain roads to get mountain spring water. Today we took our car along the narrow road to the small mountain village of Felix. At 800 meters above sea level, this tiny village with about 500 year round inhabitants has one public well. We had to wait a few minutes in queue, but it was worth it! We usually don’t have any problem with drinking local tap water. Water in mainland Europe usually contains more chlorine than we are used to in Scandinavia, but after a couple of days in our large, 1400 liter water tank the chlorine is almost gone and with a high performance carbon filter we have never been sick by bad water quality. Next year we are going to re-start our water maker system, probably needing a few new parts. Up to now, with a few exceptions, water has been free of charge, but we have been told that further east in the Med, fresh water is charged for and more importantly in some places very restricted in availability.

Nevertheless, the mountain spring water tasted very good!

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  1. Jonas Svensson permalink

    Vatten är ju bra men det går lika bra med vin, whiskey,rom,gin ……så ta inte det med vatten så alvarligt. må väl


    • Ok, helt rätt. Dock, till kaffe kokning fungerar fortfarande friskt källvatten bäst. Till kaffet, ja det är en helt annan historia 🙂


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