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Winter maintenance

November 28, 2014
About time to replace...

About time to replace…

I suspect not using the boat systems regularly creates more problems than continuous use. One example is our electrical heating system that has been put to rest since Oct 2013, for obvious reasons. We have now spent 20 hours to get it working, and as all boat owner knows, maintenance work can be very frustrating and hard work. Our water based heating system consists of a heat element (3 x 1000 Watt), a regular boiler pump and 30 + meter hose and radiators. It seems the time with oxygen in the piping has created a lot of corrosion. So last couple of days, with the boat turned upside down, we have replaced all connections made of Alu, changed the boiler power supply (see pic, looks rather dangerous), changed boiler heating element (thank God we kept a spare part). Tomorrow we will check the Ferreteria (Hardware store). Wish us good luck, we will be armed with a Swe/Spain dictionary, our goal is to buy a new boiler pump. Some complementary info about heating on Tina Princess can be found here.

Local Hero(n). Our harbour buddy.

Local Hero(n). Our harbour buddy.

To keep us company in this trauma we have our “Local Hero(n)”, see pic above. Can be used to set the watch, 8 am sharp, departure to some unknown place from harbour breakwater, 4 pm return.

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