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ISO 8099:2000

January 17, 2015
Deck fitting mounted,  finally done!

Deck fitting mounted, finally done!

Finally done. A project we didn’t look forward to. Since a number of years, in parts of the Med and from this year in Sweden, recreational boats have to be able to retain and dispose of “black water” (toilet waste) at pump out facilities. Certainly I believe this is the way to go, even though I am sceptic to the apparent lack of planning from legislators. Many marinas have in excess of 1000 moorings. Majority of boat use is concentrated to weekends and holiday periods. Imagine 100 boats waiting “in queue” Sunday afternoon. Also, authorities, at least in Baltic waters, appear to exclude cruising ferries from this law, meaning 20 cubic meters of sewage content emptied in these waters, per mega ferry per day. Please correct me if I am wrong! Anyway – project completed. About  20 hours of work, due to changing mounts, through deck fitting, welding hose outlet on top of tank, changing vent pipe, hose etc. The headline refers to the applicable ISO / EN standard. Strangely you have to pay twice to get hold of this ISO Standard, once through paying tax, secondly when you need to get hold of specific standards. Think this is deemed illegal in US, thus free sea charts covering all US waters. Here is a link (sorry in Swedish) covering this standard and different ways to implement.



Our tiny 70 liter holding tank - now possible to empty from deck! Imagine the size of the corresponding tank of a mega cruising line ferry... Or maybe the don't have a holding tank at all?

70 liter holding tank – now possible to empty from deck!

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