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Solar Power and Spaghetti Western

January 25, 2015

Our ambition with todays country side drive was to check out Nijar, a very typical Andalusian mountain village about 80 km from the Marina. By coincidence, it was the Nijar market day, with a lot of tempting produce like local wine, olive oil, homemade chorizo, etc. After some tasting, we ended up buying local wine from Lucar, Almeria. We had some vague information about Lucainena de las Torres. A mountain village further north about 40 mins drive from Nijar. The road was a bit scary with very few fences and a rather steep and narrow cliff road in places. We managed to make it all the way in one piece. On the way we came close to a very impressing solar power plant. It seems Andalusia, with Europes most optimal location re days of sunshine, is a hot spot when it comes to solar power research. We passed several plants of 10-30 MW conventional solar panels arrays and also concentrating solar power systems that demonstrates sophisticated storage of energy  in molten salt mixture. Anyway – after a lot of “wow, gosh” etc, we found our nice mountain village. Very beautiful!

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