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Enjoying Gibraltar

April 6, 2015

You know the feeling when you’ve been at a tourist destination for a while, and start to feel “native”, i.e. you have spent more time than the average, pale, newly arrived tourist, so you are in fact able to give advice and directions to newcomers. Well, can’t say we are full breed Gibraltarians yet, but we have now spent about three weeks in total during the last two years here in Gibraltar. This place gives us mixed feelings, in one way we enjoy the mix between 200% british culture and the role modelling of multicultural integration. On the other hand this is VERY touristic and besides some places in south east asia we have never experienced more traffic on a extremely small area of land. Should be a no-brainer to make 95% of this tiny country/city free of traffic. But, all in all, we like Gibraltar and for the sailor this is a perfect spot to have a break.

Ok, got a bit upset – let’s go back to our principle of neutral blogging, no politics, religions, etc. Plenty of that available elsewhere. Since arrival Thursday we have been busy with ordering a new 5hp outboard engine and some other things on our wish list. Good opportunity to use our “yacht in transit” status and avoid the VAT tax. As one of our yachty friends phrased it, Gibraltar is great if you are into Booze, Cigars and Yacht equipment. As he was a Canadian heart surgeon, he obviously included a joke about the very extreme diet at offer; fish and chips, pies, full english breakfast available 24×7, etc. Great to be able to take a 30 mins walk over to Spain and enjoy non-fried sea food….

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