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At anchor

April 19, 2015

Finally, we are back at Faro, at an anchorage we really enjoyed August last year. We have tried our new dinghy and outboard motor. Works well, even though we have some strange issues with the external tank. Great to be able to get up to 10-15 knots speed and manage 20 knots headwind without to much water spray. From Gibraltar we managed, or rather planned for sailing wind. We had a “performance sail”, 25-40 knots downwind sail to Cadiz. Due to wind against current, plenty of overfalls. On the bright side we were accompanied by dolphins most of the time, sometimes of more than 20 individuals. At Cadiz we spent 5 days enjoying this magnificent city that we enjoyed so much last year. Great food / marketplace, fantastic botanical gardens, lot of history, etc. Finally we managed to cast off, due to weather (rain) we stopped at Mazagon, thereafter we headed to Faro. We spent a couple of nights at anchor here last summer, but didn’t go all the way to the anchorage outside of Ponte Cais. Now we are here, we have a feeling this is an anchorage that will manage all kind of weather. Closer to the Island of Culatra there a number of “serious liveaboards” anchored. According to our pilot book some of them have been here more than a decade. As we have been liveaboards since 1996, guess we qualify 🙂

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