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More from Faro and Lagos

April 25, 2015

Until now we have been spoiled with good, reliable wifi access. Last couple of days though we have experienced the amount of dependence to internet access today’s sailors (and land based humans) have. A couple of days abstinence makes you wonder how leisure sailing was done 20 years ago. Actually, we remember those days. Weather reports from short wave stations (BBC ch4), cash by exchange of traveler’s checks, comms to family by postcards etc. We experienced a hiccup using our fixed fee 3g roaming service by Now sorted but interesting how stress levels was raised. One reason being income tax declaration deadline in a couple of weeks. Funny how most problems are either a result of technology dependence or synthetic, man made challenges, like declaring your taxes. Concrete problems like how to get something to eat or to manage bad weather is usually more in your control Below are some pictures, mostly from Culatra, the fascinating island where we’ve spent 7 days at anchor plus a couple from Lagos where we are now completing a number of final must do’s projects and stocking up before heading to Madeira. We hope to be able to find a nice weather window mid next week to get some pleasant following winds for the 500 nm passage we hope to make in about 3 days.

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  1. Great images, we miss the beach!


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