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Madeira – 1st year cruising anniversary

May 11, 2015

We have now spent a week exploring “Grand Madeira”, the mainland of the Madeira archipelago. Tomorrow, weather dependent, we are off to Graciosa, a Canary Island close to Lanzarote, where we hope to be able to anchor for a couple of weeks. Madeira is very different compared to Porto Santo. The whole Island feels like you are permanently inside a huge greenhouse. Besides abundance of flowers and exotic “green stuff”, the island is also a heaven for geologist (we guess anyway). We rented a Nissan Micra for a couple of days and I felt sorry for the engine and brakes having to cope with a lot of 15 degrees slopes. Another big difference to Porto Santo is the lack of sand beaches. If you want a (safe) swim in the sea you have to settle with natural sea pools where the tide fills the pools with fresh seawater and makes it safe to have a swim. The swell on the windward (north shore) is magnificent and makes these waters great surfing grounds, several times of the year there is 8 meters waves before break on specific places on the north shore.

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  1. Great photos of Madeira!


  2. Hi there,

    One year passes fast. I do not envy you guys at all, no way…

    Happy sailing /// Patrik @ medströms


  3. Gjorde ni inga levadavandringar? Det tyckte vi var en höjdpunkt då vi var där.


  4. Självklart, håller med – häftigt! Överlag var intrycket av Madeira mycket positivt. Gav dock upp när det gällde portugisiska, å andra sidan pratade de flesta mycket bra engelska.


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