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Waiting for spare parts…

June 11, 2015
Dismounting 40 stainless steel bolts from  aluminum after 30 years, not my favourite work...

Dismounting 40 stainless steel bolts from aluminum after 30 years, not my favourite work…

Because of the extensive maintenance projects the winter of 2013/14, until now we have not had any serious issues with critical systems on the boat. Since we left mainland Spain though, we have had a leak of oil from the mast furling motor/gearbox. Not much leak but obviously annoying and clearly a serious problem if the furling broke down completely. So, Las Palmas Marina will be a longer stay than planned. Even though we are in a place well served by authorized dealers and chandlers, hydraulic spare parts of equipment, designed 30 years ago is not very easy to get. Our rig manufacturer is Reckman and the advice given by their service team was to send the complete, 20 kg, furling kit, to Hamburg. Knowing the hassle with cross boarder transports in Spain, last time we had to wait 4 weeks for customs release, we opted to try a local company used to service hydraulics systems used by trawlers etc. The hydraulic components are all based on standard Danfoss components so, fingers crossed, we have the gear fixed by tomorrow. Meanwhile we are enjoying the surroundings using our Fiat Panda rental car, great deal by the way of 4 Euros/day.

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  1. John Gilmour permalink

    Hope your Danfoss parts fit the gearbox! We are in Dannemark S of Hamburgersund with a fresh NW 5 blowing through the anchorage. Dry and sunny though with a Shetland motor yacht as a neighbour. Mvh J+E

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    • Hello,

      Fingers crossed we have a firm date for the gearbox fix by tomorrow. Eva has scribbled down 5-10 Yes/no questions in Spanish. Thank God this wasn’t happening during the ARC in November, would be a nightmare with 250 boats all screaming for help. Great to hear you are in a nice anchorage, no doubt the weather will be more summer like soon.



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