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San Juan – Midsummer celebration

June 24, 2015

Out of coincidence, a couple of days ago we saw a note on a supermarket that they were closed 24th June due to ”San Juan”. Checking the net and local papers we found out that San Juan is the equivalent to “Midsommar” (swe) or Midsummer celebration. Yesterday evening we went to the major event area at Playa de Las Canteras. We enjoyed a cover band playing a lot of 70-80’s pop/rock tunes and the beach was completely packed with people – as always a blend of kids, youths, parents and elderly people.  Families of three generations had a feast of food and drinks with tables and chairs brought to the sandy beach.  At around 23.45, at least 400-500 people, young and old, suddenly appeared in swim suits and went in to the water. At 24.00 a fantastic firework started lasting 20 minutes. Later, bonfires were lit. All in all a fantastic night with a lot of happy, smiling people and no signs of violence or misuse of alcohol or drugs.

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