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Anchored @ Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera

July 22, 2015

On our way back to San Sebastian, la Gomera, where our repaired spinnaker boom bracket is waiting, we stopped by Valle Gran Rey for a couple of days anchoring and snorkeling. Water is crystal clear at 12 m depth so no problem to see chain and anchor from deck. Water temp according to our Raymarine log/depth sensor reads 29.5 C but it seems correct readings should be 25 C. Nevertheless refreshing and we are probably having 10 dives / swims per day. Our stopover coincided with a live music festival, as always ending around 5 am but the music was really good. It must be an age thing – we are less positive towards disco music (even louder) playing to 7-8 in the morning.

Valle Gran Rey

Valle Gran Rey

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