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Fight against the heat

July 25, 2015

We know many friends from Scandinavia complain about the cold summer – so we hope this post doesn’t offend you. Equally, the Canaries, where we are right now, has not very extreme heat compared to mainland Spain and the Caribbean. Still, we don’t enjoy temp below deck that is 30 C or more, especially not during the night. Right now we are experimenting with sun shields, normally used to cover the front windshield of cars, to cover the windows of our pilothouse. So far it looks promising! We have also invested in a standard ventilation fan only requiring 50 W on the highest rpm.

Otherwise, we are now back in San Sebastian, La Gomera, yesterday taking a bus to Vallehermoso in the north. A scary trip on winding roads, but the scenery was fantastic, this part of the island being famous for vineyards. The north east part of La Gomera has much more rainfall compared to southeast, south and west, meaning more green colours. The last couple of days we have also got the spinackerboom bracket repaired. We tried to get information from a large Swedish rigging company since 16 days so fallback was to have a local mechanic to make a new bracket replacing the fragile, aluminium with stainless steel. No doubt for a fraction of what xxx would charge, excluding freight and customs costs. Also got the engine valves adjusted to get rid of a annoying noise and some abnormal exhaust smoke.

Prototyping windshield cover

Prototyping windshield cover

Fan - making a difference below deck

Fan – making a difference below deck

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  1. John Gilmour permalink

    Fighting against the rain and cold here on Orust!!!


    Sent from: Lenovo B6000-H


    • Seriously, you guys are professionals so you complaining means the Swedish weather must be a disaster. No doubt aftonbladet has a crisis post coming soon (um)


  2. Hej, varmt o gott ser jag. Från ett ganska blåsigt kalmar. Äppelpaj i ugnen o trevliga båtgrannar gör stämmningen god. Lite extra bastu i dag också. Bara för säkerhets skull. Man vet ju aldrig när nästa bastu dyker upp. I morgon drar vi vidare uppåt. Närmar oss västervik o lite umgänge med cristers syster o svåger som har sommarställe där. Brukar vara trevligt. Väldigt bruna i typiskt seglarmönster, ( keen sandaler, shortslängd, t-shirt, o väldigt vit magge) allt gott, och sköt om er, kram marie o crister 😎💨👣🍷

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hej!
      Låter som ni har det bra trots halvbra väder. Vår fight fortsätter. Ett verktyg är bad + snorkling.
      Inga bastur (osäker på böjningen) häromkring dock. Imorgon lutar det åt halvvind mot södra Teneriffa. Har haft mycket vind och vågor sista veckan men det lugnar ner sig nu.


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