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Saturday bike ride

September 12, 2015

Last couple of weeks have included a lot of social events including a 60 year´s party. Five additional Swedish boats / crews have arrived here in Las Palmas Marina. Amazingly, our pontoon, with a total of around 30 moorings has 7 Swedish boats, meaning Swedes are in majority, at least on this pontoon. Many of our new Swedish neighbours have been sailing for many years and are very experienced, i.e at least one circumnavigation and in many cases having sailed in exotic waters for at least 15 years or more. Fascinating to hear their stories. One of our new friends has a L32 and left Svalbard (Spitsbergen) 2012 after having circumnavigated this Arctic island. Impressive! Every Friday evening the Bar/Restaurant “Sailors Bar” has a “Scandinavian table” reserved where we can meet our fellow countrymen/women, listen to stories, get advice/help or just relax and enjoy a beer or two.

I (Peter), with the help of our british neighbours, got the height of my saddle adjusted /extended by a local workshop, so last week we have been using our folding bikes a lot.Today we set off with our bikes, following the western coast of Las Palmas, enjoying the lovely warm weather and had a nice lunch at one of the seaside restaurants.

The last of the boat projects are coming to an end. Next week we will install our external sat antenna cable, fix our rudder axle leak, and make a final check of the rig.

Hasta Luego

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