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Finally at anchor

September 20, 2015
At anchor, Las Palmas

At anchor, Las Palmas

We have a couple of days left at our Las Palmas Marina mooring. But last evening we felt it was enough – we needed to enjoy the freedom of anchoring so we wrestled out of our tight slot. Calm evening, water temp 26 C, great freedom. At this time of the year it is still plenty of place to anchor. At peak season, I guess that is around November, this anchorage has more than 50 boats at anchor or on buoys. Not a lot of space and according our neighbours, who regularly need to leave the marina due to ARC, these couple of weeks can be exciting with dragging boats, south swell coming in etc. Our plan is to stay here a couple of days, get our diesel tanks filled up (price is 0.90 € per liter) and wait for a “good” forecast to sail over to S Fuerteventura (60 M reach) or a “miracle” forecast taking us to S Lanzarote (130 M against the NE trade wind).

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