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Do you know how much water you consume?

October 9, 2015
Water meter

Water meter

Well, we didn’t know either. Until yesterday. We have been on the hunt for a water meter, “Agua contador”, usually available in a “Fontanero” (Plumbing shop). Gardening, as in Scandinavia, is a growing industry here in Spain, so we found what we looked for in a nearby shop. Reason for actually wanting to know what you consume is less of an interest to the average western world consumer (except California), but for example here in Lanzarote 100% of the water is produced by desalination plants, transforming seawater to fresh water, eg water does cost (about 5 € / 1000 liter), and every liter requires oil powered desalination plants to deliver.
Besides saving the world and saving €’s -on Tina Princess we have an old fashioned, 19th century, tank measurement device, attached to a single, 1400 liter tank. As the device is a floating sensor, it easily gets “stuck”, and in addition the tank is not a cubic tank, meaning the reading on our tank meter is a bit of guesswork. In summary, we face a risk of suddenly being without water. Therefore we are now happy Gardena customers of their water meter. Reasonably priced, € 18, it gives us the pleasure of knowing how much a shower, dish wash, cloth wash, etc. actually draws. In addition we know to the deciliter precision what is left in the tank 🙂 By the way – Eva requires 5.1 liters of fresh water for a shower – in case you wonder 🙂

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  1. Jörgen o Soffen på Lana permalink

    Grattis till er ankomst till Cap Verde. Jag berättade för Lars Zackariasson, s/y Charlotta (JRSK och gammal vän) att ni antagligen var på väg mot Västindien. Lasse leder ju det skandinavisak nätet i Västindien på 8182MHz (marinbandet) 12:00 UTC, och han tyckte att ni ska börja delta där när ni närmare er.den sidan.


    • Tack för det! Vi var nära på att slå till på en komplett SSB i Las Palmas men hade lite för många projekt att fixa så bestämde oss för att fixa det i Karibien, och innan dess använda sattelit för väder och mail. Skall givetvis ta kontakt med Lars (Zacho?) när vi närmar oss. Ha det så gott nu i hytten!!!


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