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Arrival in Brasil

December 18, 2015

PC190111.JPGPosition S 3 deg, W 32 deg. We arrived in the anchorage of Fernando de Noronha at 2000 local time Yesterday after a little less than 9.5 days from Cape Verde. Net distance (as the Crows fly) was 1300 nautical miles, as we had to change our route due to the doldrums position we sailed 1550 nm. We had to motor for 2 x 12 hours in the calms which is a good outcome. Overall we had really good good sailing conditions. Wind (except the 24 h calm in the doldrums) between 10-24 knots, no lightning nearer then 5 km, the little swell we had was from the same direction as the trade wind. Back to FN. Interesting is that at the moment we are the ONLY foreign yacht at the anchorage. Today was spent with Brasilian “admin”, getting ourselves and our yacht cleared in. Pilot book advice the skipper to wear long trousers, proper shoes and a shirt with long sleeves. Felt like an idiot when meeting the very friendly officials (wearing shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops). Got a lift to the vil lage to
fix some cash with the marine police in his beach buggy:-)
Good news is the fantastic wildlife – 100+ dolphins greeting us in the early morning. Bad news is lack of internet access, so we have to relay on the Iridium service with no pics until mainland Brasil. To bad.
Wednesday evening before landfall, we caught a 180 cm Blue Marlin. 8 kilo prime filets in the freezer. PC190120.JPG

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  1. Susanna Hambeson permalink

    It sounds fantastic.
    We are on our way to Funäsdalsfjällen to celebrate christmas together with friends that are going to sail from St Lucia to Galapagos right after New years.
    Merry Christmas and Happy new year!


    • Hej/Hello Susanna,

      Merry XMas and a Happy New Year to you too! We really appreciate yours and others respons to our blog updates.



  2. John Gilmour permalink

    Peter & Eva,

    We are relieved to hear that you had a safe and speedy crossing.

    Hope your Portuguese is getting good practice!

    The weather here is almost as warm as Brazil but not as exotic.

    Kind regards

    John & Elspeth

    14 Belgrave Place


    EH4 3AW

    ( 0131 332 2711


    ) 07711 276090


  3. David Courtenay Clack permalink

    Very well done,lndeed.
    I can recommend a well earned and restorative Caipirnha!
    David (pipers crew Britanny)


    • Hi David,

      Thanks! We have tried a few Capirinias. Miss your pipe serenade. Have not seen any Scots, Irish, Wales pipers since Galicia.
      Recommend a sail further south next summer!

      Kind Regards


  4. Hi John and Elspeth,

    Seasons grettings. Apologies but I should have been clear, temps are in Celsius, not Farenheit:-)
    Seriously, hope you both are ok and have a great Hogmanay. As Brasil does not know anything about whiskey, less malt whiskey, we are forced to rely on Capirinia. Ok but not the same as an 12 yo Islay. Stove is not in use either.

    Kind Regards


  5. Vi fortsätter läsningen av er blogg 🙂 Hur mycket fick ni betala på Fernando? Sedan Johan var där 2006 verkar det som att priserna har gått upp rejält. Hur länge stannade ni? Det är ju ett perfekt stopp på vägen över Atlanten!


    • Hej, tyvärr sparade vi inte kvitton, men på ett ungefär kostade det som en dyr Kanarie marina, för oss ca 600 sek per natt. Med tanke på att resten av det vi såg av vattenkvalitet i Brasilien och Fr Guyana, Surinam, så ångrar vi inte att vi stannade. Tre dagar räcker dock.


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