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January 14, 2016

Huge sand dune at Ponta Negra south of Natal

We arrived at Natal Iate Club early Monday morning after a 80nm night sail. The sea was a bit rough, maybe because we lost our “sea legs” after 3 weeks in the calm Paraiba river. We had a steady, favorable 1-2 knot current all the way. A lot of very tiny fishing boats with only a single, weak light. The fishing boats are almost impossible to see also with the help of radar. For the next longer trip to French Guyana we intend to stay at least 150 nm off the coast, to avoid the fishing vessels but also to reduce the risk of crashing in to debris from the Amazon river.

First day we relaxed and took a taxi to the Natal city center. All we talked to advised us against walking in to town, especially near the Yacht club where we are anchored. In Portuguese “Muy peligroso”. Taxi fares are relatively cheap so we have played it safe, although the neighborhood in Jacaré, the previous village we stayed at was at least as rough as here and we didn’t hear any warnings there. Day two was devoted to admin, meaning we had to visit Immigration, Port Captains office and Customs in a precise order. After what seems to be a standing theme, the authorities questioned previous check-out documentation, but after three hours we finally got what we needed. On Friday we need to make a final call with the Police Federal (Immigration) to get our exit stamp in our passports.

We are anchored outside the only, tiny marina in Natal which has 500,000 inhabitants. As a courtesy we have free access to showers, wifi, garbage deposit and the club bar / restaurant for three days. We are not allowed to use the swimming pool, tennis courts and the sauna !

Boa tardes

Eva & Peter


Natal sea front by night






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