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Dangerous run

January 20, 2016

From departure May 2014, up to when leaving the Canaries Dec 2015, we have both been actively keeping in shape by long walks, running, cycling etc. From Cape Verde, and especially Brazil, we have skipped running because of all advices against due to robbery, right or wrong. Yesterday we had a kind fellow Brasilian helping us with carrying 350 liter of diesel from the tank station, in 50 liter drums, to the dingy, up with the outboard lift on the davits to the deck filling cap. Puh! Anyway, I asked him about the neighbourhood, did he think it was safe for a casual jogging/run? Definitely NOT! He removed wedding ring and wristwatch and locked the door of his car when passing through to the marina. Just outside the marina / 5 star hotel is a very large Favela, meaning very poor housing with violent crimes by desperate people, often on heavy drugs.

To cut this story short, this morning (7.30) I put on my running shoes and went running around the very safe, gated hotel/marina complex. Two armed security gards at the hotel entry/exit. Just as I was about to finish my shoes got trapped on the cobbled street, just 50 meters from our yacht. I fell very hard on the ground. Taxi to hospital. 3 Hours later I got my left hand/arm in bandage, nothing broken. Puh. The Learning from this event was that there is no such thing as “Safe”. An interesting observation was that the hospital/clinic (specialised in ortopedics) had a standard treat in the end of the process. A big needle shot (of something) in the bum and intravenous pain killer (morphine?).:-)

Life gets exciting here in Brazil!






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  1. John Gilmour permalink

    Take care of yourselves!!! Hope the wrist injury is healing.

    Best wishes from John & Elspeth


    • Thanks. I am sure the sail to French Guiana tomorrow will be helpful. Thought about you when we read a book picked up from one of the book exchanges in the marinas on our way here. Sea Room written by Adam Nicolson, owner of the Shiant Islands.
      Hope you are doing well and that the Scottish winter is not too bad!



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