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Sailing to French Guyana

January 25, 2016

We left Fortaleza on Saturday morning, very early as we found ourself hitting the bottom at low water the night before. Nothing broke as the bottom was sand with mud. We are now 330 nm towards our destination in French Guyana, Saint Laurent du Maroni with 750 nm to go. This place was highly recommended by our french sailing neighbours and so far their advices has been great. The sailing conditions have been very good, on average 110 degree wind, between 14-22 knots, full moon. We hope to get there by Saturday, although we need to have daylight and a rising tide as the place is 20 nm upstream on the Marconi river with strong currents/tides. We are looking forward to see a new country (and real bread and French cheese!).


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  1. John Gilmour permalink

    Bon voyage mes braves!

    John & Elspeth


    • Thanks! Hope you are well. This (Suriname) place is the most rainy place we have been to, including SE Asia during monsoon. Cleaned my leather shoes yesterday (had to wear them to show “respect” to officers) from mildew! Well, if we we see enough rare wildlife I guess it is worth it :-). I am sure Edinburgh in Feb is a dry and comfortable place. Peter&Eva


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