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April 7, 2016
In case you wonder - the menue is for real

In case you wonder – the menue is for real

We are now literally in (or very close to) the rain forest. You can anchor in the bay of Roaseau, but the narrow shelf very quickly descends to 40+ meters depth so we decided to use one of the mooring buoys offered. Dominica has implemented a very lean clearance procedure. As long as your stay in this country is no more than 14 days you clear in and out at the first and only meeting with Customs. Also they leave your passport alone, no stamps, which is a benefit since our passports are quickly being filled up here when a new country usually is within 5 hours sail. We have only been here two days but already understand why many sailors like this place. Friendly people, almost no tourists except the 10-15 boats anchored, and a fantastic nature, both above and below the sea. Huge turtles swimming by our boat, Frigate birds hoovering high above, apparently many sperm whales 4-5 miles from the shore, etc. Tomorrow our plan is to take the dinghy to Champagne Reef which has a very big coral reef area, abundance of fish and a bottom shelf releasing bubbles from volcanic activity (alas the name of the reef). More pictures to follow when we get better Internet access.

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  1. Ann-Sofie permalink

    Stanna till i Portsmouth också, på den västra sidan och tag en tur upp längs Indian River, en av de få farbara floderna på ön. Det lär finnas 365 stycken. Bojarna i Portsmouth hanteras av en PAYS ett gäng killar som kör taxibåt, ordnar BBQ på stranden och underhåller och hyr ut bojar. Framför allt så vaktar de ankarplatsen på nätterna!


    • Hej

      Tack för tipset. Vi kommer definitivt att lägga tid på denna underbara ö. Har just varit på en 8 timmars hike. Trötta men överväldigade av upplevelsen…

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