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Bye, Bye, Bonaire

August 22, 2016

When we arrived, end of May, we asked the Marina, who collected the mooring fee, to pay for a full week. Safety first. We knew nothing about this Island beside its reputation of world class diving. Arriving after 72 hours sailing usually means your focus is on a safe anchorage / mooring, any decision beyond a week is a very vague guess, usually avoided. Now, after x number of extensions of our mooring fees, we know better. We have been “Dushi” Bonaireans for 3 months. We have made friends with authorities (customs, immigration officials), locals (always expressing a bom dia, bom tardi), fishermen allowing our dinghy to use their pier, and all the Dutch sailors (and Swiss, German, Austrian, Finnish, US, Canadians, Portuguese, Brazilians, French and UK) moored in this Paradise. We have refreshed and used our ancient Diving certificates. We have got TinaP in great shape. General overhaul of the electrics + got a water maker working at a great capacity. Time to move on. Now it is time to check out Curacao.

We say – see you again Bonaire!

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