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Galapagos – arrival at San Cristobál

March 11, 2017

After a bit of struggle on the arrival day we finally got all green lights Tuesday. First impressions are very positive. The Island of San Cristobal is the capital of Galapagos, but still has no more than a couple of thousand inhabitants. Everywhere we go, even when staying in the boat, we experience the enormous  wealth of wildlife. The Islanders have understood the importance of keeping the animals at the center. Even though I imagine the hundreds of sealions occupying many of the benches at the seaside boulevard can make you a bit tired of the smell, they are one important feature why tourists come hear from all around the world. Looking at books listing animals present on these islands gives you even more reasons to be here.

We have a 90 day visa but will more likely stay no more that two to three weeks, more because of spending enough time in central and eastern Pacific before hurricane season than because of getting tired of this beautiful archipelago.


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