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A week spent in Papeete

May 23, 2017

We have now enjoyed a week in Papeete, Tahiti. For a change we are moored at the rather new marina, right at the heart of Papeete. Very convenient with proximity to all the niceties of a town and close to all the services we need after 3 months of sailing. Our long check list is still long but some things have been ticked off; New Dinghy, new capacitors and general service to our genset, bought 3 service kits for main engine, filters, anodes etc, etc. On our last 12 hours our Autopilot “got lost”. Our dear friend has been with us for 11 years and about 30,000 miles. For once we were aware of the likelihood of failure so we bought a spare drive unit in Panama City. Of course a clever engineer “improved” the fixed fitting to the hull so it’s impossible to change without the manufacture of a new bracket. Luckily we know that now, at a place were we can easily have a new bracket fixed. Another annoying, time consuming issue has been to get “mono grade” oil to our yanmar engine transmission. Maybe (!) Friday we can get a gallon having waited for 12 days.
Last items on our to do list is a new back stay and a general overhaul of our sails including new batten(s).

Sounds like a lot of work – which it is, with 30+ temp, but we also have some fun.
Inspired by the Round Haiti bicycle race, we made a 20 k tour using our own foldable, slightly rusty bikes yesterday. Great views and part of the fun was the traditional Polynesian dance and drum entertainment!

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