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Last week in Sumatra

May 3, 2018

We are now in to our last week of Indonesian Visa allowance before we need to clear out. We arrived yesterday morning after a 16 h motor sail from the Mentawai Islands to Cubadek Island, a very beautiful anchorage a couple of hours south of Padang.  The outer Islands west of Sumatra are very isolated with almost zero international tourism except for a handful (mostly Australian) of surfers.  Unfortunately the “Sea of Plastic” is evident here as well as in many other places in SE Asia. Unless you keep your rubbish (or burn it) it gets thrown in to the water. Very sad and hopefully the government and tourism agencies will do something against these habits.

At the last anchorage, we felt as were back to San Blas, Panama.  Remote tribes known for being “hunters and gatherers” trade their goods by dugout canoes. The few existing “roads” are mostly usable for motorbikes.  Unfortunately “Farr Flyer” lost some money and apples (!) while we were snorkeling / diving a few miles out on the coral reefs.  So much for security and honesty… Thankfully a number of other valuables were not taken (or missed).

Cubadek Paradiso, a small diving/snorkeling resort, run by Marco and Dominique allows some civilized habits we haven’t had for some time. Happy hour bar! Wifi that we can use from our anchorage!  Dinner booked at the restaurant tonight!  Also the wildlife is amazing both below and above the water. Today we counted 6-7 huge Monitor lizards (up to 2 meter long), a number of Macaque monkeys, a Giant Squirrel, Eagles etc. Wow.


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