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Who are we and why do we do this


Responsible for engineering onboard S/Y Tina. Head navigator and trouble shooter when Eva is meeting a nice mixture of barges, dredgers and sorts out strange lanterns in the middle of the night.


Main chef for vegetables and pasta.  Also the one responsible for stowing goods and stock up of food. Second in command regarding navigation and first in command for line handling and fenders.

We both have joint custody of our cultivation of herbs and sprouts onboard Tina and we love sailing, bird watching and just chill out at a nice anchorage and enjoy the sunset. We are really looking forward to exploring new countries, cultures and food markets.

How did we get here

18 years ago we were fully occupied with work, golf, sailing and everything else that goes into normal life. We decided that in order to get more time for sailing and enjoying the nice nature in Scandinavia, we needed some change. During 5 months 1996 we rented out our apartment, stored most of our stuff, bought a sailing boat, found a harbor that allowed year around living and went from LANDLUBBERS to LIVEABOARDS.

A year later we found the life onboard perfect for us, nice friends and fantastic environment. The apartment went for sale and we gave away or sold most of our things. Sailing in Scandinavian waters changed to longer trips to Scotland, Ireland, France, Poland etc. We developed as sailors, with some help from navigation courses and are today enjoy winter and summer on sea. After 6 weeks sailing trip around Great Britain we bought the ship we now have, a HR 49 with hard top.  We decided to plan for an early departure from working life and to go sailing. Now we are there!

S/Y Tina Princess:

MMSI: 265671950

Mobile phone: 0046-761 391725 (Primary)
Mobile phone: +39-345 3403849 (usually not in use)

Satellite Phone: 00870776310253 (primary)
Satellite Phone: 00881632648576 (usually only used for mail exchange)
Warning: Charges for caller to sat phone is extremely expensive. Text messaging though is free of charge

Email: sy.tinaprincess(at)

  1. Looking forward to following your adventures!


  2. Kul att ni kom iväg!!! Tusen kramar från Gustaf, Tina, Lovisa och Karin


  3. Nice to read about your background!


  4. Denise Notermans permalink

    Hi there! What fun to find this site with blog. My dad used to own Tina Princess in the Netherlands and sailed many years around the seas. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s some 14 years ago and could no longer sail. The ship was sold some time before that so I guess it was to you….. hahahahaha….. hope to stay in touch and read about your travels. Should you ever be in amsterdam…. drop anchor. Kind regards Denise


    • Hi Denise. Apologies for not responding to your note until now. Yes indeed we are the happy owners since 2006 of Tina Princess. Really great to connect with you who probably enjoyed sailing with her in the past. One question I had in mind checking out if I ever got in touch with Mr. Notermans or relatives was the story behind her name. You don’t have a sister named Tina do you 🙂 ? As you say let’s stay in touch, we have been a bit lazy lately in postings, a bit more frequent on facebook (peter Tinaprincess bares).

      Cheers, we might come by Amsterdam next year!!
      Peter & Eva


      • Denise Notermans permalink

        Dear Peter and Eva,
        Good to haar back from you! Yes my dad loved his Tina. Sailed around Europe and stayed for longer periods in turkey. I sailed some times with him, but most of his trips were with his then wife.
        Alas the origin of the name is not known hahaha….. he bought the ship through a yacht broker in holland, but it was previously owned by someone from Sweden. For a long time I thought Tina had gone back to her original owner 😂…. I still have a brass plaque of Tina Princess here which I gladly give to you. When back in the north, feel free to drop by!! I live on the waterfront in amsterdam eastern docklands. You could tie her up there.
        Bon voyage and stay in touch. Cheers, denise


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